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Douglas Pine - Pomander Ball


The Douglas Pine Pomander Ball is a beautiful brass ornament with delicate perforations to emit pine scent throughout the holiday season. The ball comes with 15 scented wood cubes which can be placed individually inside the ball in the enclosed cotton pouch. The decorative ball securely fastens with a single latch clasp and comes with a red ribbon to hang on a Christmas tree, wreath, hallway hook, or closet hanger. A second green ribbon is included in the box.



  • Ornamental ball measures 2.5" diameter
  • Gilded brass with hinge and single latch clasp
  • Approx. 5" grosgrain ribbon that can be shortened
  • Includes 1 white cotton pouch and 15 scented wood cubes
  • Care notes: Suspend ball or place on a coaster/plate. Essential oils can damage furniture so avoid placing the ball directly on a wood table. Keep out of reach of children and pets.