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Island Porcelain Fanshell Diffuser



2.75 in x 2.75 in x 7 in


This earthly porcelain diffuser elevates the spirit and magically transforms a room into a heaven and earth. The highest quality oils derived from organic elements. This diffuser exudes refined luxury combined with evocative elegance, and provides sublime reverie for every moment.


  • Aegean Mist Fragrance Notes:
  • TOP NOTES: Lemon Zest, Grapefruit, Heliotrope
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Linen Breeze, White Amber, Water Lily
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Sheer Musk, Orange Flower
  • Box Dimensions: 4.25 in x 4.25 in x 7.25 in
  • 10.8 cm x 10.8 cm x 18.42 cm
  •  Oil Volume: 80 ml // 2.7 oz