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Sun Gel Fuel Can



3.275"W x 4H


TerraFlame Pure canned Gel Fuel powered by SunJel has been specially formulated to burn clean and odorless with  beautiful dancing flames indoors and outdoors.

This Gel Fuel can is to be used in Anywhere Fireplace that have a cup opening. This Gel Fuel cannot be used on a fireplace intended bio-ethanol fuel.


  • Flame is rich, bright orange color and dances up to seven inch height flame
  • Emits no smell, smoke or soot
  • Gives off 3000 BTUs of heat per hour
  • Lasts 2 ½ – 3 hours of burn time
  • Usable Indoors and outdoors
  • Made in America
  • 13oz. of fuel in a 16oz. can
  • Gel and Liquid Fuels are not interchangeable. You need to purchase the correct type of fuel for your fireplace.